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Acrylic Sheet (PMMA)

Acrylic Sheet (PMMA)

shanghai xiubao acrylic plexiglass sheets can be used for a range of DIY and professional projects, such as laser engraved signage, hobby display cases, art protector, tabletop protector, home door, shelving, and more. Add the perfect touch to projects, displays, or signs with premium acrylic plexiglass that offers indoor and outdoor versatility and visual appeal. Whether you're trying to change out old glass panels in your greenhouse, want to create a display case for your flag or memorabilia, or need a see-through cover for a sign or image, these heavy-duty acrylic boards can get the job done right. These all-purpose, transparent plexiglass sheets are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, providing stronger durability than glass with high-quality weather and UV resistance.

With no melting point, cutting through our thick acrylic boards with a laser, tablesaw, jigsaw, drill, router, or bandsaw is quick and easy. The cell cast version offers clean cut edges without burrs, sharper laser engraving, higher resistance to scratch and chemical solvents.

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