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high density pvc waterproof foam board


high density pvc waterproof foam board

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 high density pvc foam board

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Introduction of WPC Foam Board


Rainbow Bridge WPC Board is made by PVC resin and wood powder(or bamboo power) at a certain ratio, added with special additives and extruded at high temperature.

It has the sense of wood, but it is harder,smoother and stronger. It is light weight, waterproof,no moisture absorption, no mildew,UV-resist,anti-corrosion,acid and alkali resistance,easy to assemble, high turnover rate, no crack,less seams, sawing, can be nailed, can be processed into any length, recyclable and many other advantages.

It can completely replace wood, plywood, poly-board, shaving board and MDF. It is widely used in many fields: construction shuttering, building and pholstering, furniture, especially for the cabinet in kitchen & bathroom, advertising, traffic and transit, industry, etc.


Size: 1220*2440mm, 915*1830mm

Thickness: 3~24mm

Density: 0.4~0.85g/cm3

Color: white, black, red, blue, yellow, green, gray, or as your request

(Remark: Normally Greyish-green,dark yellow,)



  1. Fire retardant and self-extinguishing
  2. Sound-insulated; Non-toxic
  3. High recyclable, eco-friendly, saving forest resource
  4. Weather resistant, suitable from minus -30 to 70 centigrade degree
  5. Well done of Termites, insects, and moldy-proof
  6. Easy to nail, hammered, drilled, sawed, turned, glued, bended, printed, oiled, thermoforming
  7.  Easy to clean
  8.  No any benzene and the formaldehyde discharge,Non-toxic

      9.Requires no painting, Stable color retention,no glue, low maintenance

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